How to Motivate Yourself To Write After The Christmas Break

The kids are back at school, the husband is back at work, and the house is quiet. The tidying has been done and it's time to get back to the writing. Except I'm not sure how to get started. After taking a few weeks off to spend time with my family during the Christmas break I'm struggling to motivate myself to write.

After the Christmas Break

How To Motivate Yourself To Write After The Christmas Break | The sign on my door.
The sign on my door - when I'm in the zone the boys know not to enter!

My room - the place I sit at my computer and write - is quiet, and usually I like the quiet but today it's a distraction so I grab my iPad and select a show to have on in the background. On a normal day I would listen to music, something easy to listen to while working like Tubular Bells or the theme song to Dexter, but when I've had the boys and my husband home over Christmas the music isn't enough. Today I need the speech, the loud stuff I can have on in the background yet still work. 

With a show playing I sit at my computer and look at the blank page. It's a familiar feeling - that dread of filling a page when there's nothing in my head. I'm not the only that took a break over Christmas, it seems my characters did too and they're reluctant to come back. Just like me. 

It would be so easy to give up at this point. To step away from the computer, sit downstairs and watch daytime TV. I could take a walk, or visit friends instead of pushing myself to write. But as a writer I didn't choose the easy path, it's never easy writing so getting back to it after the Christmas break is just another road block to get past. So I don't give up - I continue to look at that blinking curser waiting for the words to come. 


I read an article this week that actually helped me. It was over on The Writing Cooperative and it's about motivating yourself to write. The best bit I read, and it's super simple, was to imagine yourself writing. See your hands tapping the keyboard, the words appearing on the page. It helps to get your head in the right place for writing and it kick starts your creativity. So I gave it a go.

It helped.

Even just thinking about writing called my characters back to me. They were reluctant but their story was waiting. 


How To Motivate Yourself To Write After The Christmas Break | Coffee keeps me going.
My go to drink for the day.

Not only does coffee get my day started but it helps to keep me going through the morning. As a busy mum I'm up at 6:15am to get my boys ready for school and have them out the door by 8am. When everyone has left the house and it's suddenly quiet my body tries to do the same thing, to be still and quiet. Staving off the laziness is important and for that I turn to coffee. 

Commit to write

As it's my first book I've given myself a small target of 2000 words per day. If I write those words the first draft will get done and I can move onto the next stage. Over the Christmas break I wrote none, the pages remained empty, but to be honest I wasn't even thinking about it. I was too busy enjoying the time with my family. 

Now that it's time to get back to the writing the target will keep me motivated to write every day. 

Motivating yourself to write can be tough, especially after the Christmas break, but once you do you'll be pleased with yourself - and you may even finish your book!

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