Amplitude by Dean M. Cole

Amplitude by Dean M. Cole is the third book in the Dimension Space series and up to this point I had enjoyed reading the books, they were well written with an exciting storyline. My favourite is the first in the series, Solitude, in which we are introduced to characters in an odd setting. Here's how I got on finishing book three of the Dimension Space series.

About Amplitude 


Angela’s reset bought us a new chance, but with the event set to repeat itself, she and Vaughn must fight separate battles to save their comrades. In Houston, Director Randal McCree races against the clock as he frantically struggles to save a scrabbled together team. The survivors will have to join forces if Angela is to enact her plan to take the battle to the enemy.

Once united, can the last remnants of humanity make the enemy pay for what it did to all of Earth’s life?

Can Angela permanently reset the timeline?

If you enjoyed Solitude and Multitude, you'll love the action and plot twists in this apocalyptic epic.

Thoughts on Amplitude by Dean M. Cole

The third book in this series by Dean M. Cole, a good writer who can tell a good story. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy Amplitude as much as the others, in fact it put me off reading any more in the series.

First I want to say that it is definitely partly due to the genre. Robots and machines taking over the world is not my idea of a good read and had I known that's where the story was going I probably wouldn't have read in the first place. Both Solitude - not based on robots - and Multitude were good stories, they revealed more about the main characters while moving the story forward. I was disappointed with Amplitude.

In the third book in the series our two main characters are joined by more people thanks to some strangeness with resetting timelines. Which would be fine but there didn't seem to be much in the story to move them forward. While reading I felt like whatever happened to the characters was just delaying tactics to get us to the final resolution in order to make it a good length for a novel. The characters came up against delay after delay, and not exciting delays either. I got bored.

I don't usually like writing bad reviews for books, as far as I'm concerned if I don't enjoy a story it's down to me. And I'm sure that's the case this time too. Dean M. Cole's writing didn't change, he is not suddenly a bad writer, but I enjoyed the story a lot less. The more the story changed from science-based to something a little more fantasy the less I enjoyed it. The story became less about the science and more about delaying the characters getting to the final destination.

I finished the book, which in itself is a good sign because I would usually give up when I'm not enjoying a story. But I won't be reading any more in the series.

Unfortunately the series took a turn towards the kind of things I don't enjoy reading and as a result I've decided to abandon the series. This is not a reflection on the writer, and if you enjoy science-fiction with a bit of a fantasy twist then this series is for you.

Have you ever read a book that had a twist you didn't like?

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