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Just a quick post today featuring a few articles and things I've been reading lately and my thoughts on the stories. There are certain stories that I hear about and I want to voice my opinion, even if no one is listening so that's what these posts are for. Feel free to let me know your opinions on what I've been reading in the comments!


I like to read articles on Apple News on my phone in a morning. A few weeks ago I was scrolling through the usual news stories about Brexit and Donald Trump and happened to see one from Wired.com about Chernobyl. This disaster happened when I was young but it has always been something I found interesting to read about. I watched the recent TV series about it too and it was both shocking and eye-opening. 

What I've Been Reading | Chernobyl, while still a disaster area animal life is thriving.

The Chernobyl Disaster May Have Also Built A Paradise written by Adam Rogers talks about how there is life thriving in the Exclusion Zone. Radiation exposure means that humans can't step foot in the Exclusion Zone, even now, 34 years after the disaster. However animal life appears to be doing rather well, despite the radiation. In the article it explains that a lot of the animals there now won't have been exposed to as much radiation and as a result are doing very well. Do head over to have a read, it's really interesting.


I love reading about space, whether it's a new planetary discovery or just the latest news about the quest to send civilians to the moon (or even mars!). It's most interesting when there are new discoveries and this week scientists managed to find something that changed the way they think about how planets and stars work together and their influence on each other.

What I've Been Reading | Stars colliding, and what that tells us about our solar system.

Scientists Find Mysterious Origin Of Brightest Explosion Ever Seen In The Universe - I mean come on, how could I not read that? The article talks about the circumstances surrounding this explosion and how two stars came together, one crashing into the other. The best bit about the article though is that it explains things in a way that regular people like you and me can understand. Yes, there are terms like 'supernova' in there, but they do explain what that means. If you're at all interested in space, give it a read.


When we are travelling to see family we often have to drive on the motorway. Living in the East Midlands we are quite close to the M1 and with recent changes there are now sections that are classed as 'smart-motorway'. Basically there are signs above the road that can be changed at any time to change the speed limit or make one lane unusable. These sections of motorway also have no hard shoulder. I have often commented during our drives that these sections seem more dangerous than normal motorways because whenever a car passes these signs they slam on the brakes just in case there's a speed camera attached to it. I've seen it happen so many times. Not just that, but if someone breaks down in this section there's a huge chance they're going to get crashed into because there's no way for them to get out of the way of speeding cars.

What I've Been Reading | Smart Motorways. Are they a good thing?

Well as it turns out my opinion has been proven by stats which you can read about in the Sky News article Near-misses on 'smart motorway' section of M25 up 20-fold. Now I know this article is talking about the M25 but doesn't it make you think if it's happening on the M25 then it must be happening wherever the smart motorways are. Give the article a read and let me know what you think.

Well that's it for now, just a few articles but I hope you find them as interesting as I did. 

What have you enjoyed reading recently?

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