Coping With Changes to Routine Due To COVID-19

It wasn't that long ago that our daily routine changed when the Hubby got a job working in an office after working from home for 10 years. At first I thought we did okay, the boys got used to the new routine quickly and the Hubby didn't seem to miss a step. The first few months were fine, but then I started to be bothered by being at home alone all the time. I struggled with the new routine and had to get outside as often as I could. And now, just as I'm getting used to the current routine, with the impact of COVID-19 our routines are about to change again. More changes mean more disruption so I thought I'd share with you how I'm coping with changes to routine due to COVID-19.

Everyone at home

Coping With Changes To Routine Due To COVID-19 | Kids at home, Working at home. Are you ready?

Since the start of last week I've had a good idea that schools would close and the Hubby's office would close too. So when the announcement of school closures came I was not surprised. Given that I was so used to the Hubby working at home before I don't think coping with him at home again is going to be a problem, in fact I think I'll like it.

Working at home

This week the Hubby has been preparing his staff for working at home. He has put into place measures that mean his work can continue and they can all work remotely. He's spent some time talking to his staff, discussing the implications of working from home, and they'll be taking work PCs home. The Hubby is even going to drive people home tomorrow in order to take their PCs with them. He is going out of his way to ensure that work can continue and people can have as close to a normal routine as possible.

The Hubby's experience of working at home has obviously helped with his planning this week and even though it will be very different to before we're both looking forward to him working from home.

Home schooling

This is the one that worries me a little. Home schooling. It's not something I ever even considered doing and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say it's a scary prospect. This time right now, with school closures imminent, is unprecedented - it's never happened before - and we're all learning

Coping With Changes To Routine Due To COVID-19 | Home schooling is a real challenge - how are you doing it?

My boys are both at crucial points in their education - my eldest is 15 and was about to take his GCSE exams. The exams have been cancelled and we don't know currently what is going to happen. The uncertainty is a worry. He's supposed to start College in September and we don't know how this thing is going to change what happens. At a time when stress is high due to the exams it sucks that there's uncertainty now. I'm looking forward to the Government giving us more clarity on this issue. 

My youngest is 10 (nearly 11 - we've just had to cancel his birthday party) and he's supposed to make the move to High School in September. There were practice days planned, trips to the school to meet teachers, and parent meetings too - all of these are obviously not going to happen. Again the uncertainty is worrying. 

My job as their mum is to try to make this time less stressful and so that's what I'm focussing on. I've done a little research (not enough yet) into how I can help them learn and I plan on keeping them busy and entertained throughout this time.

Online resources

There are plenty of online resources for home schooling and a couple I've seen that look good are Twinkl and Khan Academy. Twinkl have lots of free resources for learning at home due to COVID-19 and I think this will help a lot of people. I heard of Khan Academy years ago when the Hubby used to enjoy learning for fun, there's lots of free activities available there. They offer daily schedules for students aged 4-18 which is obviously going to be a huge help to those of us that are new to home schooling. Khan Academy is an American company and the schedules list 'Grades 3-5, Grades 6-9' etc - if you're in the UK think of Grades as Years. So Grades 3-5 would be Year 3-5. The schedules look helpful and even if you don't follow them to the letter they could still offer a good guide to a scheduled day.

Adjust your routine

One of the worst things you can probably do right now is to act as if you're on holiday. It would be okay for a while but you'd soon get bored and then you'll struggle to get into a new routine. My suggestion is to try and get into a good routine straight away. Like I said, the Khan Academy schedules offer a good starting point. Set out your day from when you get up.

Get dressed

Don't sit in your PJ's all day - this will not help you get motivated to do stuff. Get dressed, have breakfast, and treat it like a normal day - except you'll be home. I have worked at home for years and I have never spent the day in my PJs. Okay, so getting the kids ready for school and seeing the Hubby off to work helps me get my day started but it has also meant I've established a good routine. I intend to keep up this routine as we move forward.

Take breaks

Coping With Changes To Routine Due To COVID-19 | Take a walk in a park to get a little alone time.

One of the things you also need to keep in mind is to take breaks from work. Working at home can turn into spending hours in front of the computer without taking a break and I would urge you to get outdoors. I know we're supposed to be practicing social distancing, and I agree with that, but you do need to take breaks from your work. So if that means taking a short walk or even just getting out in the garden, do it.

Have alone time

If you're used to being alone a lot of the time, and having everyone home is going to disturb that then you need to make provisions for getting some alone time. I'm not saying you should ignore your family, but what I am saying is these changes to routine can have a huge impact on family life and not getting alone time that you're used to could impact your mood. You could close yourself in a room and listen to music, do some meditation, or even just sit quietly on your own to get a break. Yes, it's great that you'll get to spend a lot of time with your family, but you also need time alone too - and that's okay.

Look for the positive

Over the last few weeks all of the news on the television has been bleak. Heading to a supermarket these days is surreal - shelves are completely empty. I have never, in my life, seen so many empty shelves in the supermarket as I did yesterday. It almost moved me to tears. It's scary. Thousands of people have died already and thousands more may lose their lives. COVID-19 is the single biggest threat to our lives since WWII.

All this is exactly why we need to seek out the positive. Yesterday I was sitting in my lounge working on my Macbook with the News on the TV in the background. This time of year the birds start chirping as the sun shines and I often see birds fluttering outside by the patio doors in my lounge. Anyway, yesterday I was in the lounge and the birds' chirping was so loud that I could hear it over the TV and it distracted me from my work. Listening to the birds communicating made me laugh out loud and I actually switched off the TV for a while so I could listen. It is the first time I've ever done this and I'm glad I did - because at a time when things are looking rather dark I am seeking out anything positive.

Coping With Changes To Routine Due To COVID-19 | Look for flowers, the sun, something positive.

Whether it's spotting a rainbow, listening to the birds' song in a morning, or heading out for a walk in nature seek out positivity. National Trust are trying to keep their properties open during this time - and they have said that any outdoors area is going to be free to visit. So if you live in an urban area why not take an hour or two to visit a National Trust property? Walk through fields, investigate the forests with your kids, all while practicing social distancing. Seek out good things. Smile. Laugh. Do what you can to stay positive. 

Take care of each other

My biggest take home right now is to take care of each other. Protect the vulnerable people, look after the elderly, and care for your family. We may all be touched by the effects of COVID-19 at some point so the best thing we can all do is hold those we care about and hope for the best. While we're practicing social distancing you can still take care of others. Look out for elderly neighbours. Check up on family. Use the internet and your phone to connect with those that live far away.

At a time when the immediate future looks bleak seek out the good things.

How are you coping with changes to your routine?

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  1. It sounds like your husband is being amazing helping to make sure everyone can work from home.
    Sending love and hugs. It must be such a worrying time with the GCSE's being cancelled. I hope the government make things a little clearer soon and so sorry about your youngest. I bet he's gutted about his party being cancelled.
    My youngest girls school has been great and send a list of websites to use along with the online school system that they use and my teen has her college coursework to do which could keep her going for a couple of months at least.
    I made a point of making us all get dressed this morning. It was tempting to stay in our pj's though.
    Stay safe x

  2. Thanks Kim,

    Yes, it's a stressful time with GCSEs being cancelled and everything. I just hope my eldest's future education isn't disrupted because of it. His College acceptance was dependent on his grades.
    My youngest is doing okay, we'd prepared him for the possibility of having to cancel his party so he thought it might happen anyway. We've promised him we'll rearrange when we can.

    I think the schools have done okay with work, my youngest came home with a pack of work yesterday that should last him a couple of weeks. I don't know if he'll need more after that but I guess we can only wait and see.

    It's all just a waiting game right now isn't it?
    Take are of yourself and your family Kim. And you know what? Having a PJ day occasionally is okay! 😉