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I've been doing a lot of reading, listening, and watching over the last few weeks - mostly watching. Having a little trouble motivating myself to write I've tried to overcome that by watching things that might inspire me. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. But anyway, let's get on with it shall we?


Well I am still reading Amplitude, but I'm almost finished. Which means  I need to choose my next book. I think I've already chosen, it's a book I've wanted to read for a while and now that I don't really have anything on my 'to read' list that I'm eager to read I'm going to choose The Talented Mr Ripley.

Reading, Listening, Watching 2 | Some great things for you to read.

Books aren't the only thing I've been reading - I've read lots of news articles, and author websites. I have noticed that authors don't tend to write a blog, there's not regular updates and they don't seem to share much at all apart from on Facebook which is mostly promotion for their upcoming books. I totally get why they would do that but I do wonder if sharing something about themselves more regularly would warm people to them. I don't know, maybe they're not allowed to write a blog because of their deal with publishers. There is just one blog I've been able to find that is written by an author, and that's J. A. Jance. On her blog she shares stories about her life as well as updates about her upcoming, and past, books. I like that she shares these things, and it makes it more likely I'd give her books a go because I read her blog. It's encouraging, because that's why I write here.

News articles I've read are mostly about Coronavirus, about the impact on the world and our country. It's a tough thing to watch happening so slowly, and if we look at what's happened in Italy it's like having a glimpse into our future. All I can do though is hope that our Government take the necessary steps to protect citizens, particularly those who are at more risk. 


I told you last time that I've been listening to the podcast They Walk Among Us, and I continue to do so. It's an interesting listen and helps my writing sometimes because it helps me make things more real. 

Music has been a good way to uplift my mood lately, and having the sun showing up a bit more helps too. I have my playlist ready and whenever I'm feeling a bit down I play my music as loud as I can.

Reading, Listening, Watching 2 | Listening to music is a great way to improve your mood.

I've also been listening to part of one of David Mitchell's book (I'm not sure which one) on Audible that my husband has been listening to on his way to work. I do like David Mitchell and his opinions on things make me laugh - even though I agree with most of them!

If you know of any interesting podcasts you'd recommend, do let me know.


The Hubby and I finished watching The Office US and have since moved on to Grey's Anatomy. I do love this show, and it only took a couple of episodes for us to get into it. The first time we watched it we were hooked, we're now watching from Season 1 for the second time. So far I'm still loving it, despite it making me cry a lot!

Reading, Listening, Watching 2 | Watching TV series is a great way to wind down.

I've also been considering watching the movie Contagion, a movie about a virus that spreads across the planet, although I'm not sure it's a smart decision. With Coronavirus news everywhere perhaps it's too scary a time to watch something like that - what do you think?

That's it for now, but do let me know if there's any recommendations you have for reading, listening, or watching.

Name a good book you've read.

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