Getting sick during the COVID-19 crisis

This time last week we weren't yet in lockdown and I was feeling fine. I'd been to the supermarket a few times to pick up what we needed and I was preparing for having to stay home more than usual. As the days went on and the government issued more and more closures, including schools, I began to feel ill. By Sunday evening I realised I was getting sick, and what's more it was during the COVID-19 crisis

I started with a simple sore throat, it was niggly and irritating but not too bad. Then I developed a cough, again not bad but there. Sunday evening I was tired and went to bed early. Monday morning I woke up and knew I was not myself. My entire body ached, I had a headache, I was sneezing and coughing. Of course my first thought when I started to feel sick was that I'd caught the virus, that it was just typical I would catch it. 

After giving myself a good talking to I realised it was much more likely I had the flu and not COVID-19. But to be cautious I isolated myself. 

Getting Sick During The COVID-19 Crisis | Tissues in my hand and plenty of lemsip!

Tuesday I was not much better, the fatigue was incredible and I didn't feel like I could do anything. At about 11am, while my youngest was reading his book, I decided to have a quick lay down on my bed. I fully intended to lay there for 10 minutes and then get up and continue with the home schooling. Instead what happened was the Hubby came upstairs at 11:40am and woke me - I had fallen asleep. I was so wiped out that I hadn't even noticed I'd dropped off and my youngest had even shouted me at one point and I didn't hear - usually I'd hear him anytime.

During this whole time I was dosing myself with cold and flu remedies and hoping the awful feeling would go away. I spent most of Tuesday with no appetite and by the end of the day I'd eaten just two small sandwiches. I was drained and full of cold, and my brain was just not working. Tuesday evening I was in bed before 10pm.

Wednesday came around and I was feeling a little better, my aches had receded and my head felt clearer. But I was still sneezing, coughing, and the fatigue was still there although not as bad. I could do a little cleaning but after about 10 minutes I needed to rest. I guess my energy was going towards fighting the flu instead of helping me do the cleaning!

I've spent the majority of my time during the last few days fighting the need to sleep as well as trying to help my boys with their school packs. I've felt awful and have tried to rest as much as possible. I can tell I'm slowly getting better, each day I've felt the symptoms lift, but being ill during the virus crisis is quite a scary thing. 

Anyway, as I'm still suffering a little I'm going to go and rest again. Hopefully I'll feel 100% again soon!

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