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I've been enjoying reading lately. I'm racing through books and have already completed my Goodreads challenge. The Hubby and I are enjoying watching our favourite shows as well as trying out new ones. So here's another Reading, Listening, Watching for you to scour.


I have finished Dark Matter and have yet to choose my next read. I have a few books on my list but settling on one is a difficult decision. It only takes one book to stop me wanting to read so choosing the right one is important. 

For anyone who has wondered what their life might look like at the end of the road not taken.

Blake Crouch, Dark Matter

Dark Matter is a good book. I've read it before but I had forgotten the story, until I read the first line. The story came flooding back and I was eager to read it. There are some stories that stick in your mind. You may forget snippets but the main storyline you remember. They're the books you read over and over again. Like The Hobbit. Society of the Mind. State of Fear. All some of my favourite stories.


In my list to read next is You, a book that inspired the Netflix series. The Stranger by Harlan Coben - again this is a show I've watched on Netflix and it made me want to read the book. Then there's books I've read lots of times like Society of the Mind or State of Fear. It's a tough choice.


Again while writing I've played a Focus playlist. I have started listening to a confidence podcast by Trish Blackwell. I had a personal revelation recently and I'm hoping listening to this podcast will help me. I need to build confidence in myself and believe in me. I listen once per day and the episodes are between 30 minutes and an hour long. 


A few days ago I happened to listen to an 80s playlist and it made me smile. I was born in 1981, I was young during the 80s, but it was my era. I love hearing Michael Jackson rock out or bop my head to Kylie Minogue jumping on the Locomotion. I'm transported back to my bedroom when I was girl, bounding about dancing to my favourite tune with a huge smile on my face. When I didn't have daily stresses to bring me down. When all I had to think about was which song was coming next. My plan is to listen to the playlist so I can reconnect with that smiley part of me.


Private Practice is a long series and we're still watching. We watch other series alongside Private Practice, and we're rewatching YOU, the Netflix series. It's dark and compelling and I love the main character, Joe. We're already on series 2 and while Netflix have confirmed series 3 is coming in 2021 I wish it was sooner. I love the show so much that the book made it onto my 'want to read' list.

...rock out or bop my head to Kylie Minogue jumping on the Locomotion

We're considering starting The Good Wife after we're finished with You. Despite watching The Good Wife before it's an entertaining series. You can root for characters and follow separate storeis. There are a few new things we've spotted on Netflix that we may try out, and if we do I'll be sure to let you know!

For now we're working through our favourite books and watching our favourite shows, but maybe soon we'll try something new.

What are you reading?

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