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Getting the boys back to school and college, trying to establish a new routine, and work on the house has taken up a lot of time but I still manage to get time for the things I enjoy. I am more tired than usual, falling asleep at around 10pm which is more than an hour sooner than usual. Reading, listening to music, and watching movies are my way to relax and that's why you can always count on having recommendations from me.


During the last few weeks I finished reading In A House Of Lies by Ian Rankin. I was disappointed by the book and if I do read any more books by Ian Rankin it won't be for a while. I started (and have just finished) Call Me by John Locke - a brilliant book with one of the best first lines I have ever read. My next read is going to be the next book from John Locke.

Things were going great until a leather-scented tractor beam pulled me off course.

Dani Ripper, Call Me

I've also been reading articles on true crime which are going to help me when it comes to future posts on the topic. I've read about Daniel Bartlam and will be moving on to the Soham Murders soon. The sad thing about reading these cases is they're real, it's not like reading fiction, people, and sometimes children, were killed and you have to acknowledge that.



I've been spending a lot more time listening to the focus playlist, which changes regularly, and it's definitely helping me stay focused on my task. Sometimes I work in silence, and that's okay too, but I do admit that I work better with some background music.



We finished The Good Fight and I was right, it wasn't as good as Season 1 and I don't think we'll be watching the next season. Unfortunately the series changed over time and I enjoyed it a lot less by the end. 

After finishing The Good Fight we decided we wanted to watch something a little light hearted so chose Cougar Town, another of our favourites. Featuring Courtney Cox (and a few cameos from other Friends actors) it's a funny and entertaining sitcom that keeps us laughing time and again.

Two choices: heads divorce, tails murder.

Ellie, Cougar Town

The Hubby and I tend to work in an evening occasionally and we like to have something on the TV while we do. This time around we chose House of Cards, another series we enjoy. It's a useful series to have on and not need to watch because it's mostly dialogue so you can be entertained without having to see what's going on.


Our usual Saturday movie night continues and this last week we watched the original Superman with our boys (because they'd never seen it). We had to watch the original because the boys had no idea there was a Superman movie made back in the 70s. After Superman the Hubby and I watched American Beauty and Yes Man - two entertaining movies that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I'd love to hear your movie recommendations for my movie night!

What have you been listening to lately?

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