Teacher, Teacher by John Locke

Over the last few months I've been reading my way through the Dani Ripper series written by John Locke. It started with Call Me, then Promise You Won't Tell, and today I've got the review for Teacher, Teacher. I'm currently reading book 5 in the series and I'll have more reviews for you soon but for now here's what I thought about Teacher, Teacher.

About Teacher, Teacher


Beth Conroy: young, beautiful, Tennessee Teacher of the Year—is shocked to learn she’s been accused of sexual misconduct with a student. Facing a scandal of epic proportions, Palmer School retains private investigator Dani Ripper to sort out the truth and protect their interests. The accuser’s mother gives Dani until noon tomorrow to show proof the charges are false, or she’ll call a city-wide press conference to level charges. As Dani begins her investigation she finds herself drawn to Beth, even as the evidence against her is mounting faster than Viagra test rabbits.

In another author’s hands, the seriousness of the subject would result in a dramatic, heavy-handed morality piece drenched in political correctness. But John seems to have mastered the art of tackling serious, topical subjects with laugh-out-loud humor, in-your-face energy, and razor-sharp dialogue.

My Thoughts on Teacher, Teacher by John Locke

Teacher, Teacher is the third book in the Dani Ripper series and I enjoyed the first two so I was looking forward to reading this one.

Dani Ripper, a private investigator, is asked to work on a new case by a school headmistress. The case challenges Dani in new ways and sends her in directions she didn't think possible. She is an entertaining character. She has double standards, doesn't know what she wants in her love life, and has attitude. She is also driven, determined, and kind. Basically she seems like a real person, which is why I'm not surprised that I don't like some of the things she does.

Like other books in the series Teacher, Teacher was an easy read. The language and writing style don't hold you up while you're trying to figure out what a word means or wondering what the author meant by something. It's easy to continue reading and it's nice when you can read and get through a few good books in quick succession.

The story kept me guessing and although I saw some things coming I didn't expect the ending to go the way it did. John Locke knows how to surprise!

This being the third in the series I do find the repeating of information we learned in books 1 and 2 a little jarring. However, I will say this means you can jump into the middle of the series and not feel like you're missing vital information. Having read the first two books I didn't think it necessary but had I jumped straight to book 3 I know I would've liked that extra information. 

I always finish John Locke’s books the same day I start them. He has a way of sucking you in. This novel was no different.

If you're looking for a quick read that will keep you guessing Teacher, Teacher by John Locke is for you.

You can buy Teacher, Teacher over on Amazon on Kindle or Paperback.

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