Abbey Rayne by John Locke

Towards the end of last year I finished reading the Dani Ripper series of books by John Locke. Abbey Rayne is book 5 in the six book series. I'm sure I've said it before but all of John Locke's books (that I've read so far) have been quick reads and you feel like you're making fast progress, but they're enjoyable reads too. Here's my review of Abbey Rayne by John Locke.

About Abbey Rayne


Private Investigator Dani Ripper works her way through a bevy of nuthouse clients while trying to maintain her delicate personal relationship with Sophie Alexander. Dani desperately wants a life-changing case. But what she gets is a killer case.

Abbey Rayne is a hilarious novel with an edgy, dark side that will piss you off even as you’re laughing.

With Abbey Rayne, Locke has fired a warning shot at colleges, fraternities and The System. Despite the almost nonstop humor, this novel offers a powerful message.

My thoughts on Abbey Rayne by John Locke

In book five of the Dani Ripper series we meet Abbey Rayne, a new character that is strong and edgy. Again the subject matter of the book covers rape and this seems to be a consistency with this series - some form of sexual abuse. After five books covering similar topics I was ready for something new, and while this book does cover other things too it's primarily about the abuse. That's not to say it's not an important topic, and John Locke raises some important questions about the state of the American fraternity system, but personally I was ready for a different topic.

The story itself was good, and the twists and turns that John Locke is known for offer a great surprise when reading. What I enjoy most about John Locke books is the way he immerses you in the conversation between characters. A lot of the book is speech between characters and while some people dislike this I think it's a good way of planting you in the middle of the action. 

As with most John Locke books I read this one quickly and moved on but I'd recommend it to anyone looking for an entertaining quick read that covers a controversial subject.

Abbey Rayne is a crazy, silly, funny, delightful romp! I laughed out loud many times—even though the subject matter is serious.

You can buy Abbey Rayne by John Locke on Amazon.

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