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This curated blog post is shorter than usual as I haven't been doing as much reading, listening, or even watching much.  The last few weeks have flown by and being busy helping the Hubby with various things and having my youngest at home because he's self-isolating haven't helped. But here we are, so let's get on with my recommendations for reading, listening, and watching.



Like I said I haven't done much reading lately, well, not novels anyway. My reading has mainly been research for my book, so I have read books about the brain, and the anatomy of the body, but not much fiction. After finishing Spider Rain by John Locke I decided to move on from John Locke books for the time being and I started the new book by Linwood Barclay, Find You First. I haven't got far but I'm enjoying the read. Hopefully next time I will have finished it so I can let you know what I think.



I've got back into listening to the Podcast from They Walk Among Us, listening when I'm doing my ironing. It's interesting to listen to true crime stories and if you're into true crime I highly recommend this podcast. While writing I've played music, mainly instrumental stuff to help me focus on the work. I like Apple playlists for this because I don't have to think about what to play next. I've also been listening to some YouTube videos about true crime cases. These give me insight into various cases and will help me with my book.


YouTube has been a huge help to me lately because I've turned to the videos on there for research. I've got pages of notes and intend to use what I've learned in my books.


TV Series

The Hubby and I started watching The Good Wife and are plowing through the series like never before. It's entertaining and we can have it on while working or playing on our iPads. After we're finished with The Good Wife we'll move onto The Good Fight - and there's a new series for us to get our teeth into when we're done.


In recent weekends we've watched a couple of movies with the boys. The first was the newest Pixar movie, Luca, and we were all looking forward to watching. Pixar movies have been a staple of our watch list for years now and we've enjoyed almost all of them. After watching Luca I was disappointed, while the story was good and it followed the usual storyline I felt that they could've had more drama or tension within the movie that would've made it better. Over the last few years I think Pixar movies haven't been as good as some of the original Pixar movies, like Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and The Incredibles.

Last weekend we watched Casino Royale and it was a huge hit. This movie is my favourite Bond movie, not just because it stars Daniel Craig, but because it's entertaining and full of drama. Casino Royale is one of the longest movies we've let the boys watch so far and I was concerned they'd get bored, but I needn't have worried. They were glued to the movie the whole time and enjoyed every minute of it. I think we might add a few more Bond movies to the list.

Like I said there hasn't been much going on this month but maybe I'll have more recommendations for you next time.

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