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This week I’m sharing more of my reads, what I’ve been listening to, and watching over the last few weeks. I’m still getting through books fast, it’s great, but I don’t listen to varied stuff that often. Watching things will always be something I can share because the Hubby and I spend our time together this way, we chill out and watch our faves. Let’s get on with it, shall we?


Last time in Reading, Listening, Watching I told you I wasn’t sure which book I would read next, and that it might be an old favourite. I chose a book, one I haven’t read before, recommended by the Hubby. I listen to his recommendations because he knows the books I enjoy. The book I’m reading now is Recursion by Blake Crouch, the same author who wrote Dark Matter. I’m about 50% through and enjoying the story, it’s a stretch of the imagination but I’m continuing because it’s an interesting concept. I’ll write a review once I’m finished.

This low point isn't the book of your life. It's just a chapter.

Blake Crouch, Recursion

If you’re looking for recommendations for enjoyable reads check out The Martian or Artemis by Andy Weir - they’re two of my favourite reads. They’re based in space, one on Mars and one on the moon, and there're many things that can go wrong in space. Have you read them yet?


The Focus playlist has become my most played list on Apple Music. Having music with no words helps me concentrate and when I’m trying to read through my writing, or write something new hearing distracting lyrics isn’t good.


Last week I listened to a Wake Me Up playlist, it was mostly current pop music, none of which I knew. I thought about how I used to love staying current with music; I knew all the pop stars and the music they made, but these days I’m lucky if I recognise one! So I asked myself, when do you stop listening to current music? I much prefer the older stuff, although I enjoy Ed Sheeran’s music and Eminem’s recent music is good too.


We finished watching both series of YOU and it was just as good as the first time we watched. I’ve seen a few reviews of the books that mention the main character, Joe, is not interesting enough, but in the show I love Joe. He’s a broken man, yet he craves affection. It’s presented well and I cannot wait for Season 3 - coming in 2021. 

It’s funny how fate works. I didn’t know that the cage I built was a trap for me all this time.

Joe Goldberg

We’re still working our way through Private Practice, but I think we’ll finish it soon. The last season, which we just started, has fewer episodes so we’ll get through it quicker.

After YOU we started watching The Good Wife, it’s another series we’ve seen before but it’s good. The Good Wife isn’t fast-paced, there’s no action, but the stand-alone stories in each episode are interesting and entertaining. The ongoing story behind the series about the politician and his wife keeps you guessing too. I’d suggest giving it a go, if you haven’t already. 

A quick post today with just a few suggestions. 

If you could listen to one podcast today, what would it be?

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