Playing Video Games For Fun

Video games have been part of my life for a long time now. I have a husband who has worked in the gaming industry for more than 25 years and I have two sons who are huge gamers and have been for years. I always did like computer games, but I preferred the 'softer', easier games. Below you'll find a few of my favourite games, including games I'm playing currently.

My Favourite Video Games

1. Fortnite

I started playing Fortnite recently and am very much still a novice but it's surprisingly addictive. It's not a game I thought I'd enjoy playing, but because all my boys (including the Hubby) play it I wanted to give it a go. I fully expected to give up after just one game and never return to it, but I didn't. I played, and played. 


I'm enjoying the current season less because Epic seem to be taking the game in a direction I'm not fond of, but I'm still playing. Only time will tell if this continues.

Playing video games is something I enjoy in my spare time. I'm a gamer, always have been.

Kevin Garnett

2. Zelda Breath of the Wild

This was the first Zelda game I tried after getting my new Switch Lite. It quickly became one of my all-time favourite games. 


Zelda Breath of the Wild is an open world adventure game where you traverse mountains, fight monsters, and collect relics. I love the open world style. In an open world you can wander around as much as you want, like in GTAV, but there are monsters and machines rather than men with guns.

The art style is appealing, the weather seems to have a mind of its own, and sometimes when you're standing on the top of a tall mountain the views can really take your breath away.

3. Super Mario Odyssey

Another game I've played on the Switch, Super Mario Odyssey is fun and challenging. As with all Mario games I play through them to the point it gets too difficult - and I always reach that point. I don't think I've ever completely finished a Mario game.


I have enjoyed Mario games since the Super Nintendo days and remember marvelling at the N64. Mario is a classic and no matter how many times he comes back, it's always nice to see him. 

4. Lego Incredibles

I started playing Lego games when Travellers Tales released the first Harry Potter Lego game. At the time I played on the Xbox 360 and fell in love with the fun Lego world. It was a familiar story with a little humour added and it kept me smiling the whole time I played.


Whenever I hear there's a new Lego game I'm excited, so when I found out Lego Incredibles was available I bought it immediately. Again it follows the storylines of all the Incredibles movies and is fun to play. It has a somewhat open world where you collect Lego bricks and there are special Pixar builds for you to discover. 

It's a light, fun, and easy game to play.

Playing video games is something I enjoy in my spare time. I'm a gamer, always have been.

Satoru Iwata

Why I Like To Play Video Games

I know some adults that would think I was immature or wasting my time when I play video games. But it's an escape, just like reading or watching movies, it's just another medium. 


Who doesn't love being able to sit down at the end of the day and watch their favourite show or read their favourite book? Games are just another way to chill out. When I'm playing games I can forget about being 'mum' or 'wife' and concentrate on beating the bad guy, collecting the coins, or simply shooting anyone I see. 

It's fun escapism.

Do you play video games?

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