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It seems like ages since I last wrote about what I've been doing to entertain myself. Yet when I think about it it hasn't been that long at all. With Lockdown (part 2) and isolating as much as possible it seems like time is flowing both fast and slow. The days fly by, I mean we're in November already (!), yet it somehow feels like they're dragging too. Strange times. Anyway, I digress, back to the topic. Here's what I've been reading, listening to, and watching over the last few weeks.



I'm working my way through the John Locke Dani Ripper series of novels and am currently on book 4 which is entitled Don't Tell Presley. I finished Promise You Won't Tell and Teacher, Teacher over the last few weeks and you can read the reviews by clicking the links. I've enjoyed the books so far, and given that they're quick reads I'm getting through books quicker than I have in a while. Once I'm finished with the Dani Ripper series I'll be taking a break from the John Locke books to try something a bit different.



I've been continuing listening to the podcasts and my favourites include 7 Good Minutes (Self-Improvement) and They Walk Among Us (True Crime) but I've ventured into science topics. The Infinite Monkey Cage Podcast is an interesting one hosted by Brian Cox and others and they discuss varying scientific topics. One of the episodes I have just listened to was discussing the relationship between us and chimps and the similarities and differences. 

When you switch your mindset from being goal-oriented to being process-oriented while keeping you why in mind, magic will happen.

7 Good Minutes

With half-term happening during this time I haven't listened to any music, I had to make sure the boys were quiet while the Hubby was working. But that's okay, because now they're back at school I can have music on again.



We're still going with House of Cards which we have on while working if we decide to work in the same room. In an evening we're watching Lost and we're currently on Season 4. And Glee is keeping us going (and singing) late into the night too.

For movie nights we've watched Gremlins with the kids and for Halloween we watched Nightmare Before Christmas with the kids. When the kids go to bed the Hubby and I watch another movie together and last weekend we chose Absolutely Anything starring Simon Pegg - an amusing movie about someone being given the power to do absolutely anything. I'd definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys laughing.

I thought I turned you into a rational thinking creature.

Neil, Absolutely Anything

Well that's it for now, I'll be back in another month or so with more recommendations for books, podcasts, music, and movies.

What have you been listening to lately?

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