Don't Tell Presley! by John Locke

It's time for another book review and it's another book by John Locke. Book 4 in the Dani Ripper series is Don't Tell Presley! and like the others I read it fast and moved on to the next in the series. If you read any of the other books including Call Me! and Teacher, Teacher, then you'll enjoy the fourth in the series.

About Don't Tell Presley!


Presley French is young, beautiful, and someone wants her dead. Someone else—her former English teacher—wants to physically assault her. Someone else—the FBI—wants to interrogate her as a possible terrorist suspect. Someone else—Dani Ripper—wants to protect her, but can’t decide if Presley is insane, or just crazy. With nowhere left to turn, Dani contacts someone else—Donovan Creed—who refuses to get involved unless Dani agrees to owe him an Ultimate Favour.

As always, I can’t decide which of Locke’s quirky supporting characters I like best: this time it came down to Bitter Bob, Stay Busy the Porter, and The Butter Man. I’m giving Stay Busy the nod, by a jellybean.

My Thoughts On Don't Tell Presley! by John Locke

In the fourth book in the Dani Ripper series John Locke starts in a different way to the other books. This one begins from the perspective of Presley French and it kind of threw me off a little. That's not to say it wasn't good, I just wasn't expecting it so thought it was a little strange. It soon gets back to Dani Ripper though.

I have noticed a theme emerging in the books and I'm not sure how much more I can read on this theme. The theme emerging is rape / sexual assault and it features heavily in most of the books so far. There's also the issue that every single woman that features is beautiful... no, gorgeous. They have strikingly beautiful features and it's commented on constantly. Don't get me wrong, the story is good and I did enjoy reading, but as I read more Dani Ripper stories she, and her fellow characters, are becoming less believable.

If I was to read Don't Tell Presley! again I'd have to leave it a few years.

The best thing I can say about the Dani Ripper series is they're quick, easy reads. You're not left wondering about strange metaphors or words you don't recognise, and I like that. But I am starting to tire of the repeated theme.

Dani has more pop culture references than an Urban Dictionary, and each one made me laugh. I would have bought this book for the rules of the drinking game alone, which I was ready for, after the dizzying action of the first four chapters.

You can buy Don't Tell Presley! by John Locke on Amazon.

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