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It feels like it's been ages since I last wrote a curated content post and when I remember all the things I've been doing I realise it's been weeks. But that's a good thing right? It means I have lots of recommendations for you so there's plenty to choose from. Below you can find out what I've been reading, listening to, and watching during the last few weeks.


Midnight Sun was good but very wordy - I like the Twilight Saga and loved reading the books but Midnight Sun, written from Edward's point of view doesn't feel right. There's a lot of back story crowbarred into the chapters and it's mostly introspection rather than action, and I think that's what put me off. However, if you like the Twilight Saga there's no harm in giving it a go - just because I didn't enjoy it as much as the others doesn't mean you won't.


On recommendation from the Hubby I've started reading another John Locke series that is in the Western genre. It's not the kind of thing I would normally read but as I like his other books I gave it a go. After finishing the first in the series Follow The Stone, I wasn't sure. The story is good, the writing is good, but the genre just didn't interest me much at all. The book was short so I got through it quickly - as with all John Locke books. I moved onto Don't Poke The Bear, the second in the series, and of course it's still the same genre but I'm continuing and hoping it will grow on me. The story in the second book was better, I rooted for characters and enjoyed reading, but there was still something there that I wasn't quite enjoying. Perhaps it's because there's nothing to relate to?

I have since moved on to the third in the series, Emmet & Gentry. There are six books in the series so I'll get through them and maybe along the way I'll enjoy the Western setting.


My listening habits don't change much. I've had my focus playlist on a lot, and it really helps when I have my youngest in the room with me when he's doing school work. I try to ignore the live lessons he has and concentrate on writing - it's not always easy.


When I'm editing photos or sorting out fun things to share on social media I like to listen to my favourite pop music, or a selection of random favourites. It's fun to sing along or bop my head while creating shareable images. 

Of course there are times when the music just doesn't cut it and I turn to Netflix. Whether it's the latest true crime show or an old favourite I grab my headphones and listen to the series. It's quite different to music, but it allows me to think about other stuff while I'm managing my content calendar.


Okay so this is where the list gets quite long. From movies to TV series we've watched lots and I have no doubt I'm leaving many things off the list that I've forgotten about.



The Hubby and I watched Click a few weeks ago. We wanted to work out if it was a movie the kids could watch and after reviewing it I think it is. It makes quite a statement about how you live your life and it stars Adam Sandler. Definitely a movie I'd recommend.

Happy Gilmore & The Cobbler. While I enjoy most movies starring Adam Sandler these two would be at the bottom of the pile. I didn't enjoy them much at all. Happy Gilmore is about golf, and I do like golf, but the main character wasn't endearing at all which was a shame. When watching The Cobbler I felt like the story would get going eventually, only to find out it breezed right on by without ever really telling a good story. It had the essence of a great story, but the execution just wasn't there - not for me anyway.

We like series, and when it comes to movies that's tough -- but we have a work around. We go for movies along the same lines or movies with a similar story. For example the last couple of weeks we've watched Armageddon and Deep Impact. Two movies that are good and follow a similar storyline - an asteroid heading on a collision course with Earth. We watched these two movies with the boys on our family movie night. We like to choose movies they wouldn't choose to watch themselves to broaden their horizons, so the two movies fit the bill. They enjoyed both movies and while it was a little scary for our youngest (11 years old) he still enjoyed them. If you're looking for movies for a family movie night I'd recommend them. 

TV Series

The Office US. One of my favourite shows of all time I love watching The Office US. Seeing Jim and Pam inch towards each other in a painful but amazing journey makes my heart ache every time. Laughing at Dwight and his attempts to become Manager of the office, and his eventual promotion to the position of his dreams is reminiscent of working in an office. The combination of loves, rivalries, and friendships makes The Office US a brilliant TV series.

Upload. An Amazon Original, Upload had been on our 'to watch' list for a while. We eventually gave it a go and were surprised when we enjoyed it. Following his death and "upload" onto a computerised after life ?? has to learn to live within the restrictions. It's a strange one but interesting to watch and we're looking forward to watching season 2 whenever it's available.

Truth Seekers. Another Amazon Original this one was a little different and stars Nick Frost. We like Nick Frost, he's been in a few movies we've enjoyed including Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. Unfortunately Truth Seekers is about ghosts and that's not really a topic the Hubby and I like much so we ended up abandoning the series without finishing. There are too many to chooser from to waste time on something you know you're not going to enjoy.

Killing Eve season 3. We've had this on our list for ages and we've finally got around to watching season three. We're not finished yet but so far it's just as enjoyable as the other seasons. Following Villanelle as she tries to get Eve's attention while scaring her to death is entertaining, and I can't help but marvel at Jodie Comer's ability when it comes to accents. Brilliant.

So there you have it folks, a long list of things to watch and a few to read and listen to. I hope I've listed a few things for you to try but if not check out my previous listings.

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