Follow The Stone by John Locke

Follow The Stone by John Locke is the first in a series of Western themed books in the Emmett Love series. As I enjoyed other John Locke books, like Call Me! and Don’t Tell Presley!, I figured I would give this a go. Western themed anything always puts me off (apart from Westworld) but because I know I like John Locke’s writing I tried it out. Read on to find out what I thought about Emmett Love Western Book 1, Follow The Stone.

About Follow The Stone


A good-hearted, rollicking story about a former gunslinger and his crablike scout, who journey West with a mail order bride, a witch, and a wagon full of prostitutes!

A caravan of comical and tragic characters

My thoughts on Follow The Stone by John Locke

The writing was great, as usual, and I could imagine Emmett Love walking through the wilderness. Emmett Love is an interesting character, and I liked him. Despite being quick to kill, he shows compassion and even has loyal friends in the extreme environment of the West.

Other characters felt real, and even though I don't know about the ‘Wild West’ it came across as I expected. There were a few raised eyebrow moments throughout the story, and perhaps it’s because I’m female, but I thought the female characters were a bit too forward. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what women were like back then, which is why I say it’s probably just me. 

A gentle, humorous romp through the Wild West!

While the characters were mostly good, the story bored me. My dislike of the genre may have preoccupied me, but I wanted something more to happen. The ending made me want to read the next book, so in a way I got over my dislike of the genre but I still feel like more could’ve happened.

I’m reading through this series and am hoping I’ll enjoy it more the further into the series I get. Time will tell. I’d say if you’re a fan of Western themed books you’ll enjoy Follow The Stone. 

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