Revealed: 15 Secrets About Writer N. E. Ellis

Articles on the internet are all about revealing secrets, or shedding light on things we're unsure about. With that in mind I thought I'd take this opportunity to reveal a few secrets about myself and let you get to know me a little better. In the article below you'll learn 15 things about me, N. E. Ellis, which will help you know the 'real' me.


15 Secrets About N. E. Ellis

1.   I didn't attend university

After secondary school I went to college (further education) and at age 19 I got my first job as an office junior.

2.   I learned to touch-type in college

Studying a BTEC in Business Administration I learned how to touch-type in my first year at college. I was unaware at the time how useful that would prove to be. I may me a stay-at-home mum now but I write every day which means I'm typing every day and that one skill has come in handy for years.


3.   I like to draw

I don't do it as often as I'd like but drawing is fun. Whether it's my favourite Disney character or simply creating a fun character of my own, I find it therapeutic to draw.

4.   I hate hair care

A quick wash and brush through is as much messing about with my hair that I like to do. I may sometimes use mousse but rarely. With long hair that is somewhat curly I'm lucky that I can leave it alone most of the time. In the summer I'll tie it back in a band and in the winter I'll wear it down, but you'll rarely see me with a fancy hair-do.

A writer should have this little voice inside of you saying, Tell the truth. Reveal a few secrets here.

Quentin Tarantino

5.   I'm an Apple girl

Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, iMac, and Macbook. Not to mention the Apple Pencil and Homepod. I was once an Android user, but when I did convert I never looked back. I find Apple products easy to use and they all 'talk' to each other meaning I can write notes on one thing and they'll be available on any of my other devices. I track my health with my Apple Watch, it's proven to be extremely useful in helping me lose weight, and I play casual games on my iPad as well as using it for my digital planner and note-taking.

6.   I broke my coccyx in my teens

On an ice skating trip with school I was on the ice having a good time when another skater lost his balance as he skated towards me. He grabbed me to balance himself but pulled me down with him. Bang. Straight onto the ice on my bottom. My legs flipped from under me. At the time it wasn't that painful but as the day wore on and adrenaline subsided I found I couldn't sit down properly. After a trip to the hospital I learned I broke my coccyx, or tailbone, and had to have painkillers and a special seat for weeks.

7.   I fell out of a tree

Again in my early teens I climbed a tree, only this time I ended up with stitches rather than a broken bone. I had been trying to show my friend the new pool we had at home but when I was in the tree my foot slipped and a branch dug into my thigh. I pulled myself off the branch and blood poured from my leg. I had to hobble home, dripping blood on the street the whole way. I was wearing white jeans at the time - needless to say they were ruined. Luckily we had a nurse living close by who told my parents I needed stitches, so we headed to the hospital. I remember sitting on a hospital chair watching blood drip from my leg onto the black plastic beneath me, and then into a pool on the floor. I had 6 stitches and have a Y shaped scar on my right thigh as a result.


8.   I am almost 40 years old

I turn 40 in January 2021. I have never thought much about the number, but this one feels like a milestone.

9.   I'm a gamer girl

After marrying a games programmer and having two sons it was inevitable really. I'm not a serious gamer like some but I do enjoy Mario games, Zelda, and even Fortnite these days.

10.   I've visited Walt Disney World 7 times

Walt Disney World is my home away from home and three of the times we visited we stayed for six weeks. I don't think I would ever get bored. We wanted to go this year, or next, but with COVID-19 looming we decided we'd wait. I'm missing it so much!

11.   I walk more than 4 miles daily

Despite walking more than 4 miles every day I'm not losing weight (but that might have something to do with eating all the pizza!). The Hubby and I see the kids off to school and then go for a walk, getting back just in time to start work. You would think walking so much would help with weight loss but it's going to take a more concerted effort from me before the weight will shift.

Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own.

William Hazlitt

12.   I have a varied taste in music

From rock to classical, jazz and pop, I like all kinds of music. Some of my favourites include Eminem, Meatloaf, Meghan Trainer, and Michael Buble, and that's as well as classical and jazz music. My choice depends on what kind of mood I'm in at the time.

13.   I ate my first slice of pizza at age 21

When I was a child I claimed not to like cheese, this of course meant I didn't eat pizza. At 21 I finally braved it and tried pizza - and I've never looked back! 


14.   I studies Psychology GCSE in college

In between leaving school and starting the BTEC in Business Administration I took a year to decide what I wanted to do. In that time I went to college and studied a Psychology GCSE and absolutely loved it. If I had been able to I would've gone on to university and continued with the psychology study.

15.   Becoming a mum was the best thing I ever did

It's amazing the perspective being a mum gives you, suddenly things that seemed to be so important don't matter. Seeing your children grow and become their own people is a privilege and I hope to watch them become adults and have children of their own. 

There you have it, 15 things you didn't know about me that you do now. As you can see there is so much more to writers than what they write and I hope it gives you a little peek into who I really am.

Which secrets would you be willing to reveal? 

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